Plants and Facilities

COPPER DRAWING: High Quality 8 mm Copper Rods are reduced upto 0.05 mm in Large, Medium & Small Drawing Machines. All drawn copper undergo anti-corrosive treatment to prevent oxidation. If required they can be followed by Tin Plating or Silver Plating as per applications. PRODUCTION OF PVC COMPOUND: Mixing of PVC Resins, DOP, DINP, DIDP, DOA, TOTM, forming different PVC types & Colors as per applications.

TWISTING: High speed twisting machines are used to bundle up copper strands & insulation bundle respectively.

EXTRUSION: Swiss made extrusion head is available in addition to the general extrusion factility. Extrusion line may be in process of the special figure 8 winder. Test - Spark tester, On-line Swiss made Capacitance Determinator & Diameter detector to guarantee even & high quality finishing in extrusion process.

BRAIDING: Over 150 Sets High Speed Braider (16 Heads, 24 Heads) in braiding unit of 0.08mm to 0.19mm forming Copper braid, Tin-plated copper braid, Aluminium wire braid, Silver-plated braid for Co-axil Cable & Shielded wire.

PACKAGING: Different types of packaging: Coils, Plastic Reels, Assembled Cardboard Reels (Metal Core, Plastic Core), Metal Reel, Wooden Reel, Pull-Box, Blister, Bulk & Pallet are available for Customer's choice. Printing as per customer artwork also can be done.

FACILITIES: Versatile production plant with multiple manufacturing abilities such as,

  • Copper & copper clad aluminium drawing.
  • Flame retardant testing chamber (IEC60332.3)
  • Smoke emission density chamber (IEC61034,IEC60754)
  • Oxygen index tester (IEC61034,IE60754)
  • Vertical flame test (UL CM, CSA)
  • Horizontal flame test (UL CM,CSA)
  • Freezing test (-40)
  • Water penetration test
  • Spectrum Analyzer (RoHS compliant test)
  • Silent network analyzers E5071C (up to 8.5GHz)
  • Agilent Time-Domain Reflectometer 86100C


QUALITY: The work force is quality minded & quality is built into every phase of production through regular QC/QA programs. They are kept abreast with the Sales & Marketing team to identify market trends & product development. We also customize products based on customer specifications. The R & D Division is in co-operation with Cable Experts from across the globe; Viz: Germany, Japan Etc, through technology exchange programs to upgrade latest machinery & technologies.

STANDARD: Cables confirm to International Standards like EN 50288, BS 5308-I/II, UL 13, IS & ANSI MC 96.1. Flame retardant compounds confirming to IEC & BS Standards used to minimize risk of fire hazards. UV stabilized & oil resistant sheaths as per VDE 0472/803. Labs equipped to test low smoke & fire resistant properties. FRLS cables designed to meet IEC & ASTM standards

ACHEIVEMENTS & EXPERTIES: Wide variety of cables, suiting varied applications; Cables for Power, Control, Signal, Instrumentation, Cranes, Elevators, Domestic security, Industrial & Building Automation, PLC’s VFD’s, AV applications, Thermal & furnace industry. Expert in making Thermocouple, Extension & Compensating cables. Expertise to manufacture cables upto 1000 Deg Cel.