Silicon Rubber Insulated Cables

In applications where temperatures uptill 180 Dec Cel are required, but extra flexibility, smooth aesthetic surface finishing is needed, silicon rubber insulated cables are made. For abrasion resistance & tough outer finish, a Fibre Glass with varnish is done on the surface of the cable either on the insulation of a single core cable or on the sheath of a multicore silicone cable.

Fibre Glass Insulated Cables






CATFor cost effective solutions in high heat requirements a double layer of Fibre Glass with class F varnish is done on the Cu conductor.

Thermocouple Extension & Compensating Cables






Thermocouple cable or extension cables are used to connect thermocouples to the sensing or temperature controller. The conditions of measurement determine the type of thermocouple cable and insulation to be used. Temperature range & environment determine the insulation & the conductor metal requirements. Compensating cables use completely different alloys as that of the Extension cables. They happen to exhibit very similar thermo-electric properties up to a limited temperature. Therefore great care should be taken to control the temperature of the junction between the compensating cable and the actual thermocouple material to keep it below the acceptable maximum. Compensating cables come in convenient cabling forms for site