Control Cables

These cables are used for flexible use for medium mechanical stesses with free movement without tensile stress in dry & moist condition for measuring & control cables in tool machines, conveyor belts, production lines in machinery & steel production. Annealed bare Cu conductor as per IS 8130, Class 5 construction, type A pvc insulation conforming to IS 5831, with white numbers for identification & 1 Green / Yellow core for earthing, ST1 pvc Sheathing, rated voltage 00/500 Volts.

Shielded Cables
Similar to our Data Cables these are large sizes with Annealed bare Copper conductor of BS6360, type A insulation of IS5831 multicore multpair (optional) overall screened individual pair screened (optional) with Al Polyester tape with tinned Cu drain wire. These cables are suitable for interconnection of electrical measuring devices to instrument panel or instrument. Measuring, monitoring & control in machine tool manufacturing in plant engineering, in all places where electrical interference fields can distort a signal transmission or where interference pulses arising