Security & AV cables

CCTV Cables:

A composite cable with a 75 Ohms impedance mini Co-Axial cable combined with 2, 3, 4 or more cores as per application & customer demand. The cable can be also supplied with twisted pairs for noise free audio transmission purposes. These cables are most suitable for not so long distance surveillance camera systems. For long distance video signals use our Co-Axial cables with separate cables for power or use specially designed outdoor Armoured CCTV Cables to be buried underground.

Co-Axial Cables:


RG-6 Copper, RG-6 CCS, RG-11 Co-Axial Cables for communicating TV & video signals. Foamed Polyethylene as die-electric for insulation over the centre conductor, Al embedded Foil with Al wire braiding for 100% Shielding, Jelly flooded to avoid water seepage, PVC Sheathed. For long distance communication RG-11 cable available with Armouring to be buried underground.

Snake Cables:





A multi pair individually twisted shielded inner & outer rubberized pvc sheathed cable for multi tasking in stage shows, auditorium

Speaker Cables:





Twin parallel Oxygen Free Tinned Cu conductor, crystal pvc insulated cables for transmitting audio signals. Superior variant in a speaker cable available is twisted pair cable of having Polyethylene insulated, soft rubberized pvc sheathed, tube type structure. This provides noise free / EMI free audio communications well suited for large public areas theatres & auditoriums.

Microphone Cables:





A twisted pair silver plated Cu conductor, pvc insulated, braided with Silver plated Cu wire, sheathed with rubberized pvc for high flexibility. Used for connecting mikes to the receivers in stage shows, theatres & auditoriums.

Fire Alarm Security Cable:





For use in large complexes, malls, multiplexes & commercial establishments with high public density, a cable specially designed to communicate between the smoke detector to the security panel. Two versions of this cable withstanding respectively 600 & 900 Deg Cel temperature till 2.5 Hrs for corrective action to be initiated by an automated / manual protection system in place.